Cedar Point
, KS
2400+/- Acres

Kruse Ranch: 2,400 Acres

100 Rd & L Rd, Cedar Point, KS 66843
2,400.00 +/- Acres

Property Description

Vaughn-Roth Land Brokers is honored to offer this premium tract of Flint Hills pasture to the public on behalf of the Trustees of the Warren J. Kruse Revocable Trust. This pasture possesses both a tremendous reputation and history dating back centuries and it may be another century before you have opportunity to own a pasture of this quality. This contiguous tract totals 2,400 acres more or less and has been exceptionally well cared for by the long-time tenants, Josh and Gwen Hoy of the Flying W Ranch. The Hoy’s were the recipients of the 2020 Aldo Leopold award for their “outstanding application of innovative grazing practices along with their dedication to the land, soil and livestock they steward” said John Piotti, President of the American Farmland Trust. Upon our initial tour of the property, we couldn’t have summarized their stewardship any better as the quality and amount of Native grass remaining after an extremely dry grazing season immediately told the story. For those of you who know the Hoy family, you are likely familiar with their knowledge of the history of the Flint Hills which we'll expand on shortly.

The Native grass species on this tract are predominantly Big Bluestem, Indian Grass and Little Bluestem. Other useful varieties include Switch Grass, Sideoats and Hairy Grama along with a good supply of highly palatable legumes so desired by your bovines. The pasture is divided into two traps with a division fence running from east to west with each trap containing approximately 950 acres and 1,450 acres each. An excellent set of pipe catch-pens is located along Road 100 at the division line of the two traps with a loading chute set up to allow for a convenient exit to the north.

Water, water and MORE water! We hope you will take the time to view both the aerial and ground-level video footage we shot in an effort to document the tremendous quality of the Springs on this property which are a significant contributor to the headwaters of Rock Creek. We had an exceptionally dry Summer and Fall and the Springs have been flowing out of the ground on every visit we’ve made to the property. We’ve documented a large number of Springs on ranches we’ve sold in the past and these are as prolific as we’ve found. In addition to Rock Creek bisecting the majority of the property from east to west, there are multiple ponds that have been developed in other areas to better spread out the grazing pressure through distribution of cattle.

The fences on this property are also documented with pictures and video as well. We rated the north, east and south fences as good and is 5 strand barbed wire. The west boundary fence of the east trap that extends south from where the west trap stops is rated mostly fair for one stretch and good for the balance. The north end of the of the east boundary fence is rated good overall but does have some leaning posts. The division fence between the two traps is rated as fair, comprised of mostly 4 and 5 strand barbed wire.

The tenant, Josh Hoy, has an affinity for Western culture and ranch history and has been kind enough to share some of his understanding of the inhabitants of the property dating back hundreds of years. He related to us that the remnants of limestone structures on the property served as a fortified stagecoach stop at one time and a French fur-trappers outpost prior to that. He also conveyed that after the Spring burn, he has witnessed multiple tepee rings on the east and west side of the creek. We appreciate Josh sharing some really unique historical attributes that furthers the allure of this beautiful Flint Hills parcel.

If you are expanding your cattle operation or diversifying your investment portfolio, you might as well spend your money on a good one. This offering is absolutely top-shelf when factoring in grass and fence quality as well as abundance of water. Tracts of this type are truly a rare blend and this one is a tremendous representation of what has made the ranches of the Flint Hills some of the most productive throughout history!

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