Why Choose VR


Our team of agents are ready to help you reach your real estate goals by making your needs our number one priority. We recognize you have a choice when it comes to working with a real estate professional. Our team of agents looks forward to earning your trust and helping you make decisions in your best interest when buying or selling rural Kansas real estate.


This isn’t as simple as it seems. True comprehensive knowledge of all things Kansas land-related should be expected of your land professional. Knowledge of the current markets is obvious but knowing which sales method is the best fit, whether it be a traditional listing, live auction, online auction, or private bid sale, could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars difference in proceeds. A full understanding of 1031 Exchanges, Kansas lease law and tenants rights, pasture, farm and wildlife management, mineral and water rights, government programs, etc., cannot only make a substantial difference in proceeds realized but greatly assist clients in avoiding legal obstacles during and after the sale.


“If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you”
Zig Ziglar
These words are so true and ones all real estate practitioners should take heed in. You can be assured that we at Vaughn-Roth Land Brokers are not going to jeopardize our reputation, relationships, or broker’s license to make a sale. We are in business for the long term and govern ourselves accordingly.

Seller Trust

When we evaluate a property for a seller client, they can expect an honest, informed, and thorough explanation. We aren’t so desperate for listings that we need to make promises we can’t keep in order to get a listing. There is a huge problem in our industry with over-embellishment of a broker’s abilities to procure proceeds for a seller that are completely out of the market. In our opinion, this is a breach of fiduciary duty to the client and is something we won’t take part in. Vaughn-Roth Land Brokers is fortunate to have two highly-regarded licensed appraisers on our team who specialize in Kansas land appraisals and have their fingers on the pulse of the market every day. We don’t make guesses or false promises on land values.

Buyer Trust

When dealing with buyers, honesty and integrity in our representation of properties are of utmost importance. We strictly believe in accurately representing a property in all issues related to it and this is best attested to by the Informational Packets we assemble with each listing. Here, buyers can find soil surveys, CRP contracts, tax info, County parcel data, aerial maps, and other pertinent info. We want any buyer we’re dealing with to be totally confident and comfortable with what they are purchasing. Other important factors we automatically address are agricultural and hunting leases on a property as well as mineral interests. There are different Kansas state laws in regards to these subjects and for the good of buyer, seller, and broker, any lease arrangements should be clear, concise, and in the contract!

Marketing Methods

Vaughn-Roth Land Brokers rises above and doesn’t cut corners while offering literal worldwide marketing.  


We use both expensive fee-based memberships and free social media to spread the word to the appropriate clientele. Our web-based marketing is inclusive of over 400 rural lifestyle and land-specific websites, which exposes our clients’ properties to a global audience. The Lands.com family of websites, as well as LandWatch, are the most popular search methods for those looking for land. We maintain “Platinum Seller” and “ Signature Seller” status so that our listings are shown at the top of the buyer’s search results. We also have featured banner ads on these sites for our brokerage as well as special land offerings such as auction or private bid sales. In today’s world, social media sites such as Facebook have become wonderful tools to get the message out there. We want all Kansas land buyers to know what we have to offer and use a massive marketing network in our attempt to achieve this.

The Newsletter

Not your typical canned version! Our quarterly newsletter is extremely popular with buyers, sellers, trust managers, attorneys, farm managers, bankers, and so many others with an interest in land. Available in both digital and print versions, our newsletter is the main vehicle we use to share our knowledge and keep the public abreast of land-related issues. While we do include new listings in the newsletter, the main purpose is to provide USEFUL INFORMATION that people look forward to receiving and implementing.

Constant Contact Network

We are continually building our network and informing potential buyers of properties for sale with our constant contact email blasts. If someone is actively pursuing a Kansas land purchase, we want them to be aware of our new listings as soon as possible.

Direct Mail

When time is of the essence in cases such as public auctions and private bid sales, we don’t rely on a sign or newspaper ad to notify both local and out-of-area landowners of the upcoming sale. We prefer to spend the extra money to use direct mail to send notice of the upcoming sale to their door.

Regional and Local Print

Even in today’s high-tech world, there is still some use for good old print advertising, especially in the marketing of agricultural properties. We know which publications to employ to broadcast into the marketplace and use them effectively.

Sale Methods

This is another area where Vaughn-Roth Land Brokers sets itself apart. Paramount to us is knowing the highest and best use of a Kansas property and the sales method to attain maximum proceeds. Your broker should know which situations are best suited for a traditional listing, private bid sale, live auction, or online auction and use the right format for each. Choosing a representation that only offers a traditional listing option is similar to expecting a surgeon to operate with only one instrument. We have developed multiple proven sales methods and know when to use them.


From beginning to end, we’re watching the farm! When we take a new listing, our clients can rest assured that their listing isn’t just simply passed on to the first available agent. Every new listing is analyzed by the Broker to determine what the highest and best use of the property is, how to best market the listing to active buyers, and navigate any obstacles on the front end. Nobody likes surprises between the time a contract is signed and the day of closing. Before closing, all of the related documents are reviewed by our Closing and Compliance Agent who spent 12 years as a title company closing agent. The fiduciary duty to both our seller clients and buyer customers is something we take very seriously. We strive to ensure all parties have total comfort through every step of the sales process and look forward to demonstrating this to you!